Tuesday, September 22, 2009

2 month update with Dr. Sabovic

I had my 2 month talk with the specialist, Dr. Sabovic, the other day.
We went over how I was feeling, what had improved, how much of an improvement it was and the symptoms that are still with me.

We also talked about the medication and how it was working for me. Sometime I still get stomach upset but nothing serious.

I discussed what had improved since I started the meds and that it was about a
60-70% improvement from what I felt like before. I still get that creepy crawly feeling in my shoulder, neck and upper back stiffness, weakness in my wrists and knees and tired but not exhausted. My memory has improved as well as my concentration and my spelling is improving (although I still have a day here and there that spelling can be difficult)

If these symptoms do not improve we will change the medication.

He also said that I tested positive for Babesia, which is another bacteria that the tick carries. It usually goes hand in hand with Lyme. The normal number is 14/15 and I tested 16. So it was just over the norm. He asked me if I had any night sweats or felt a chill right to my bones. I have had some night sweats but so infrequent that it is not a concern.

He also asked if I had air hunger. I had to repeat that one back to him, AIR HUNGER?
did you just say air hunger?
Yes he did, it is when you feel like you just can't get enough air and breath in deeply. Not like an asthma attack but just a need to get extra air.
I have had that on occassion also but not to the point where I thought it was an issue.

The medication I am on should be good for the Babesia and I will monitor my progress closely over the next few weeks. If there is no improvement in my energy (which is my biggest concern now) I will contact him.

I am also going to get lab work to make sure the med's are not harming my liver.

So things are getting better all the time and I have been very busy with my artwork for this Saturdays Fine Arts and Craft show in Lexington. Onward and upward we go, one day at a time.

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